Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Very Lucky...

Brian is the most amazing man in the world! Many of us call him 'B" also. Yesterday he went to the gym by himself cause I went earlier in the day usaully we try to go together he calls is our time I call in my cable t.v time. Well he took forever cause during that time I went to drop Mythea off at her sleep over , played basketball outside with the boys and made dinner. So he finially gets home he stopped at Marshall's to buy me a shirt! I have been saying that I want to buy clothes....but the kids and christmas comes first ...that is just the way I am I don't mind I get enjoyment and feel like I am doing what a mom is suppose to do! So he gives me the shirt and says here is a little something for working hard for us! It was really nice cause i really didn't except it at all, I thought it was so nice that he see's that I am doing whatever I can for our family! So easy to take for granted what you have!

Don't get me wrong we have had our ups and downs but becouse of that it has made us stronger at a couple. We have been together for 8 years and we will be getting married in 2011. At that time I will be Mrs. Uhrich!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Very Excited!!!!!

I found a couple of Blogs, with Children that were born like my little guy with Congetial Cytomeglovirus (CMV) Giuliano is 13 now he was born April 2, 1996. He was born delayed, he can crawl, he can not sit very long on his own, he has a slender build only weighs 58 pounds and a great smile, he is a lady killer! He does not talk he does have a dynovox which help his talk, he also can tell us yes and no with his hand or head! Alot easy they is was when he was younger I felt like I was trying to figure out what he wanted, now I can ask him and he can tell me yes or no with his head! Which is really nice! he startyed have tonic chronic seizures when he was 2, they are controlled. About 4 or 5 years ago he started having UTI's that hurt his left kidney, they have been contrilled now he has only had 1 in the last year! So glad we got past that hump! Well that is a little abot Giuliano, I look forward to getting to know moms and hearing there stories, noe easy being a mom and really not easy at times being a mom with a child with special needs, everyone needs a out...sometimes and to talk to someone that understands! Here's my little guy! :-)


Hi, I am Kim a Mom of 3 great kids! Giuliano,13 he was born with special needs, Mythea,11 and Blaze 6. I am engaged to Brian, we are getting married in July 2011. We have been together for 8 years he is Blaze's father and stepped up and became Mythea and Giuliano's father cause there father decide's not to be in there life. I work, I have my own cleaning service. My child hood best friend Jaime started a Blog and I really enjoy reading her's, we don't see each other as much as we would like! :-( So I thought I would join in to the blogging world! I will update as much as I can! Enjoy!